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Shelly Turtle Paint-Your-Own Bath Bomb Kit

Shelly Turtle Paint-Your-Own Bath Bomb Kit

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Dive into an aquatic adventure with our Shelly Turtle Paint-Your-Own Bath Bomb Kit! Decorate your turtle bath bomb with shades inspired by the ocean, such as Coral Orange, Seaweed Green, Ocean Blue, and Sandy Brown. Watch as your bath bomb transforms your tub into a vibrant underwater paradise, complete with swirling colors and gentle fizzles, reminiscent of the soothing waves.

But the fun doesn't end there! Each kit includes a bubble wand for added entertainment, allowing you to create bubbly bubbles right in your bath. Let your imagination swim free as you craft a bath bomb masterpiece that captures the essence of Shelly Turtle's oceanic home. Prepare for a splashing good time with our Shelly Turtle Paint your Own Bath Bomb Kit!

Smells like Juicy Peach

Notes of Juicy Ripened Peach, Sugared Mandarin & Crushed Mint

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